Meet the Advisors

  • Michelle Hamilton, JD, Respondent Advisor

     Michelle Hamilton, JD, Respondent Advisor - Email:

    Michelle Bio

    Juris Doctorate from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School (2017)

    Michelle is an alumnus with the university and received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Criminal Justice. She has spent more than 10 years advocating for students who are underrepresented in a university setting. Michelle has overseen conduct and procedural training of over 2500 student employees across the university and has a vast understanding of student employee life at MSU. She has been a "go-to" for student coaching and advice since her undergraduate days as a RA.

    Michelle's passion for defending those who are not equally represented has only grown stronger. She works diligently to make sure that respondents are fairly and properly supported when accused of violating the Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Anti-Discrimination Policy. Michelle has a holistic approach to working with respondents by addressing their physical, emotional, and mental needs.

  • Ralph Johnson, M.Ed., Respondent Advisor

    Ralph Johnson, M.Ed., Respondent Advisor - Email:

    Ralph Bio

    Ralph received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Grand Valley State University. He has spent more than 14 years involved in numerous aspects of conduct processes within higher education, handling relationship violence cases, investigations, sanctioning, appeals, interventions, support and more. Uniquely, Ralph has overseen both, Claimant and Respondent cases in his background as an Assistant Dean, and has developed a broadened perspective for case review, as well as a passionate commitment to strive for just and equitable outcomes. Ralph is committed to providing excellent support for Respondents and believes that every individual is entitled to the dignity of being meaningfully heard through due process.