Misconduct Hotline

Michigan State University has implemented a telephone hotline including a web reporting feature (click here) to help maintain adherence to ethical practices. The purpose of the hotline is to provide an anonymous method to report known or suspected misconduct for Michigan State University. Misconduct related to the following areas can be reported through the hotline: fiscal, conflicts of interest, employment, medical/HIPAA, research, safety, athletics, discrimination/harassment, hazing, privacy, retaliation, and any other issue that does not fit another category.

The University contracted with Navex Global to provide the misconduct hotline service EthicsPoint on a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year basis. The hotline is staffed by EthicsPoint with specially trained personnel. University employees do not answer calls. When someone calls the hotline, they will be asked to describe the suspected problem in as much detail as possible. They may remain anonymous. Upon completion of the call, the interviewer will promptly relay the information to the University for investigation. Alternatively, the caller can contact the Chief Audit, Risk and Compliance Officer via email at intaudit@msu.edu or directly at (517) 355-5036. Separately, if preferred, an individual can use the web reporting feature of EthicsPoint by using the link below. The reporting feature of this website allows for anonymous entries.

The University prohibits retaliation against employees who make reports, in good faith, of known or suspected misconduct. 

For Local Reporting protocols, FAQ's and access to File an Online Report:

Misconduct Hotline Website and Anonymous Web Reporting

Telephone Hotline Number


The Hotline is not for reporting emergencies requiring immediate assistance.

For emergencies, please call 911.